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Smart Calibration

As industry starts to come out of lockdown, it is essential to ensure your plant is running efficiently.

Two products that WIKA produce to assist in this process are the CPG1500 Digital Pressure Gauge and the CPH7000 Portable Calibrator.


A simple and effective way to check if your pressure systems are fully operational is through using a highly accurate portable pressure gauge.

The CPG1500 Battery operated Digital Pressure Gauge can be used in-line to check systems are functioning correctly. If an issue is suspected, it can be set-up to log data if required.


Alternatively, the CPH7000 portable calibrator can be used to ensure pressure transmitters, gauges and switches are within tolerance or set up to alarm or switch correctly, particularly if the plant has been idle or running at reduced capacity. 

Both products provide reliable and accurate on-site pressure measurement and can operate in safe or hazardous areas. With intuitive user interface and wireless communication they are suitable for use in Oil & Gas, Calibration Services, Power Generation and Food & Pharma applications. 

For further details or on-line demonstrations please contact James Muir (WIKA Product Manager) on 07725 956759 or email

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