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Wellhead Pressure Gauge Solution

New approach saving time, cost and hassle.

Customer Testimonial

"When Serica Energy started operatorship of Bruce, JWF contacted me about changing gauges on our wells. I asked for a quick turn around of re-calibrated and new gauges. The response and overall service was outstanding. I look forward to working with JWF again in the coming years."

Sean Lesperance, Serica Energy, Well Operations Lead



Pressure Gauges are used extensively for critical measurement applications on Well Control Equipment (WCE) and Drill Floor equipment. Gauges on these systems typically provide essential readback information on pressure and volume measurement.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) S53 5th Edition standard, which is the globally recognised standard that both end-users and drilling contractors adhere to, states that pressure measurement devices require a maximum calibration period of between 1 & 3 years.

Current Practice

Most Drilling Contractors & end-users use a 3rd party service provider to calibrate all critical gauges on a yearly basis. This will be conducted offshore in a container/workshop which has been sent to the rig for this purpose. This also relies on rig personnel removing gauges for an unspecified time, and re-fitting them only as and when they become available – assuming that they are still within specification. A further disadvantage to this current practice is that these activities will be scheduled during rig maintenance periods when SIMOPS are occurring and rig POB is maxed out.

Gauge Specification:

Using our expert application and product knowledge we have developed a gauge specification using our industry leading pressure gauge model 233.30. This ensures that the product is the most cost effective solution for the application, meeting or exceeding the latest industry standards, with the following features:

  • 63, 100mm or 160mm dial Size
  • 316L Stainless Steel to NACE (up to max process temp of +120 Deg C)
  • ATEX Certified
  • Glycerine Filled
  • Dual Scale Bar/Psi
  • Full Safety Pattern to EN837-1 (S3)
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