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WIKA CPG1500 monitoring pressure on main Gas Works site in Glasgow

The WIKA CPG1500 Digital Pressure Gauge with datalogger was installed as part of a longer term study to monitor the pressure and flow of gas through one of the largest gas hubs in Scotland. The client is currently undertaking major re-development to upgrade the site including the resizing of the existing 20 - 30 year old pipework.

Our customer approached JWF to understand the pressure drop & flow rates through the facility over the winter months (Peak demand) to enable the new pipework to be sized correctly to ensure it can cope with future demand.

A reduction in pipeline size (currently 24”) can result in significant savings in the cost of new, smaller pipelines.

The WIKA CPG1500 was chosen due to the simplicity of set-up and logging capability, which can be user defined on site. 

The gauge can be programmed to log over a particular set interval or set to record until stopped, logging both the pressure and process temperature. It has a clear, easy to read digital display with accuracy of up to 0.05% of span.  The ATEX version is certified for use in Hazardous areas.

JWF engineers were mobilised to install, commission and carry out diagnostics in order to provide data reports as part of the wider project.

For further details please contact James Muir (WIKA Product Manager) on 07725 956759 or email

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