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JWF launches Oxygen Flow Dashboard for NHS hospitals


At the height of the COVID crisis with hospital admissions increasing dramatically, and the numbers of patients either on ventilators or in need of oxygen rising daily, one of the facilities managers of the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Paisley reached out to JWF to ask for help.

They needed a way to accurately measure the hospital's usage of oxygen on a real-time basis. Following a site survey, JWF installed a non-invasive flow meter connected to a newly developed data dashboard where all the key metrics can easily be viewed. The dashboard can be accessed by anyone in the hospital and used remotely on any smart device.

Following successful installation and deployment at Royal Alexandria Hospital, JWF to date have installed over 60 flow meters which provides over 100 independent measurements over 40 hospitals in Scotland and the North of England. Roll out of data dashboards are in place in several health boards across Scotland.

How it works

JWF carry out the following:

  • Site Survey
  • Flow meter specification agreed
  • Data parameters agreed for dashboard traffic light system
  • Installation and commissioning of flow meter and communications module
  • Data dashboard configuration and setup
  • Cloud access to clinicians and facilities personnel
  • Ongoing monitoring and support

This provides the following benefits:

  • Accurate, real-time data, 24/7, 365 days
  • Access anywhere via any smart device remotely
  • Improves patient management
  • Improves traceability
  • Improves working relationships on site between clinicians and facilities

Net Zero Carbon

As well as providing oxygen data in hospitals, our 'data dashboard' solution is being used within the areas of facilities management to monitor and reduce energy consumption with the focus on net zero carbon.

"JWF's deep expertise and ability to move swiftly makes them a fantastic team to work with."
Hugh McCartan, Royal Alexandria Hospital, Paisley.
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