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The manufacture of chemical products from natural gas and naphtha in refineries places high demands on the process instrumentation. In different process steps, such as cracking, condensation or distillation, the respective intermediate or finished products are manufactured under defined pressure and temperature conditions. The high precision and quality of our instrumentation products ensures maximum plant availability here. Since the handling of the various gas mixtures and the highly flammable naphtha is not without danger, for example, our ATEX tested and certified measuring instruments make a contribution to the required safety.

Our product portoflio inlcudes sepcialist high temperature and high pressure instrumentation for refineries. For example, our WIKA Tubeskin Thermocouple allows accurate temperature measurement within a combustion furnace with application ranges from 0 ... 1,260 °C.

We also supply specialist flow meter technology for Refineries in fuel gas measurement. Flexim's non-invasive clamp-on flow meter, The WaveInjector, allows accurate measurement at extreme temperatures from -190 °C up to 600 °C. Using patented technology, the WaveInjector thermally separates the ultrasonic transducers from the hot or cryogenic pipe, allowing permanent flow measurements at extreme pipe wall temperatures.

JWF also have experience in providing flow measurement services to refineries including carrying out a number of flow surveys and testing at various refinery sites. Our trained service engineers are able to provide full diagnostics on all flow surveys and verification projec


Discover the end-to-end engineering solutions we can offer Refineries

JWF supply a wide range of temperature transmitters, thermowells, temperature gauges and temperature switches.

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Our trained service engineers are able to provide full diagnostics on all flow surveys and verification projects.

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We supply a wide range of pressure gauges, digital pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure switches.

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