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Liquid Flow Meter Calibration

Process Meter Calibration

Our acquisition of Stream Measurement Limited provides JWF with fiscal test rigs expanding our calibration offering and ensure that JWF is able to offer our customers full lifecycle management of their process flow instrumentation. 

Understanding exactly how a flow meter works is critical to its correct calibration, which means that JWF are the best placed to assist with calibration and application advice

JWF's in-house meter calibration services ensure the highest level of calibration accuracy and test rig traceability.

Our standard service checks the flow meter accuracy at two flow points, the test at each flow point is repeated at least twice to ensure repeatability of the flowmeter (the single most important performance factor of the instrument).

Our service covers any manufacturers flow meter whether for process or energy measurement, covering any technology, including Positive Displacement, Turbine, Electromagnetic, Coriolis, Vortex or Swirl and offering a service for Industrial process, water, heat, gas, steam, compressed air, oil and LPG meters.

  • Fully traceable equipment
  • Highest level of calibration accuracy and traceability
  • Service for all process and energy meters
  • Selection of fluid mediums – water or gas
  • Collection & Delivery Service
  • 24Hr turnaround for scheduled meters
  • Supported by our ISO9001 Quality Programme
  • JWF provide a subcontract calibration service for many of the UK calibration houses and their facilities are used by a number of UK based manufacturers to verify their own products and master check meters.