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Level Instrumentation & Measurement

JWF offers a comprehensive range of level measuring instruments. With industry leading technology we can accommodate temperatures up to 450°C and pressure ranges up to 500 bar. Typical units available from 2"NB ANSI#150 up to 8"NB ANSI#2500 rated. Also available for interface and multi-float application. With our knowledge and experience we’ll select the right level measurement technology for your application.

JWF's level measurement and level instrumentation partners include ABB, WIKA and VEGA. We provide a wide range of level instrumentation solutions in Scotland and North of England with offices based in Glasgow, Aberdeen and Teesside.

Our level measurement and instrumentation portfolio includes:

Laser | Guided Wave Radar | Ultrasonic | Magnetostrictive | Magnetic | Reflex | Displacer



Work with an experienced team of highly-skilled engineers to devise meaningful data solutions that will give your engineers greater control, and the tools to embed and support continuous improvement.

Data Capabilities

Commissioning & Calibration

Our team can commission your instrumentation, digitally verify it, and calibrate it onsite or on our liquid and gas rigs.

Commissioning & Calibration
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