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ABB Coriolis Mass Flow Meter with Enhanced Coriolis Control

The ABB Coriolis Mass Flow Meter now comes with an Enhanced Coriolis Control (ECC) option for advanced measurement in challenging conditions.

ABB Enhanced Coriolis Control (ECC) provides new control and filter functionality to keep the measurement signal as constant and accurate as possible, even in demanding conditions.

A common measurement problem when using a Coriolis mass flow meter is the presence of gas bubbles. A Coriolis mass flow meter causes vibration of the pipes which can change the density of the medium and damp the vibration. This results in measurement errors.

ABB have dedicated years of research to solve this issue and developed and developed Enhanced Coriolis Control (ECC). ECC manages to quickly control the vibration that always maintains resonance frequency in the pipes and other difficult conditions.

With the new filter technology, unsteady measurement signals, caused by significant gas content, rapidly changing solid material content in liquids, or occurring during gas measurements with fluctuating pressure or gas density, can be significantly stabilised and therefore make them operational for process control.

ABB Coriolis Mass Flow Meter with ECC is the ideal solution for Oil & Gas, Chemical and Food and Beverage sectors.

View White paper on ABB Enhanced Coriolis Control.

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